Alright, I've got $150 and I intend to blow it all on bass accessories. I'm getting a strap, a nice cord, and some effects pedals. My question is about the pedals. I'm thinking about a distortion pedal and a wah pedal. What kind of effects would you guys reccomend? I'm thinking mabye $50 for each one, so any suggestion in that range would be great. Thanks,

get an even better cable. Seriously, spend a good amount of money on one and make sure its long and look after it.

Im a fan of pirhana cables after ive owned one for a couple of years and its been abused over and over yet it still works!

They have awesome colours too.

effects wise - the OBD3 i think cant be that expensive. It's made by boss and is supposed to be pretty good.

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i like the digitech multi effects pedals
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Some cables have lifetime warranties, just keep the packaging and you're set for life. Unless they go out of buisness. If you want a cheap pedal, check out digitech. I haven't had any problems with mine, and they're only like 40 bucks.
Unless you go on eBay, the pedals you can afford won't be good. If you do go on ebay, you can easily get a Dunlop Bass Wah and either a Digitech Bass Driver or the Boss ODB3 for $100 together.
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Digitech, Boss, and Dunlop (MXR) have great quality products, usually with Digitech more on the budget side of things. If you need a multi-effects, Digitech makes the BP80 which has a drum machine, expression pedal, 81 possible presets, and the ability to mix your own effects for about $100.
My favourite chorus I have used was atcually the small clone from EHX. And threadstarter, like thefitz said, you'd better look used with your budget because you won't find much brand new for $50 per pedal that is of any useable quality.
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I have a digitech bp80, thats pretty cheap (I think) and quite gd fun to play around with.
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