Goto google and type MINI AMPS.. after thats done... create your own guitar body out of wood... cut in holes so you can add the lever and the imput jack (dont make the imput jack stick out...) cut a place in your guitar body to fit the miniature amp. now, cut a hole in the body so that the music will amplify through the guitar. (example: Put 2 F holes on each side of the strings on the body) now, make sure your amp runs on battery power, or is chargable THROUGH thr guitar, and make sure it is sturdy, but the amp is accessable, you should be able to remove the pick plate and see it right there, but, yea.. DONT FORGET VOLUME AND TONE KNOBS!

Any types of strings is fine


Fender Humbuckers

Fender Neck

And thats how i made my custom guitar, which i will post soon in my profile...


thats the one i have... i cut a hole so i could push it and make it distorted
making a amp would be easier, and adding a speaker would be aswell. also, why lose so much tone routing for a speaker? you could have done it much more efficiently, but whatever floats your boat
not really... if you mean by making a battey powered amp that u can take anywhere...

this is probably the way to go... i modded the amp myself, so now it's like a peavy amp... in the back of my guitar has:




Post Gain



etc etc..
i took apart the pedal and added my own stuff... so it's more like that same pedal x2 but, i didnt put it while it was in the case, i connected it to different knobs...
wow thats alot of wiring! i thought you were saying you just mounted pedals on the back my mistake
lol, that would have been easier, but that was way to simple... i didnt only want distortion... i wanted COLOR, PHASE, POST GAIN, GAIN, and reverb... only distortion wasn't enough i had to retry 4 times until i got it perfect.. the first time, the guitar blew up in my hands, the second time, it started smoking, the third time it worked for 5 minutes, than i started playing with everything turned up, it melted the wood like it was wax... i was amazed... but now it's perfect
lol, i wish i couldve got them... like i say on my group page... i've expirienced alot of hospital trips... horrible burns, huge knife cuts on my hands, and when it blew up in my hands, the wires popped out and zapped me, so i got electricuted lolololol
theres no way thats possible thats the most made up thing ive ever heard, a guitar definately doesnt get enough power to do any of those things, im 99% sure your lieing
This is funny, why not put a vibrator in your guitar next time? Should make interesting reverbs.
Yeah, move along kids.

To the original poster of the thread, there were some guitars back in the 80's that came with speakers built into the front of them... I forgot the brand.
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There's plenty of modern guitars built with amps in. Thing is, they're the cheap-ass, crap, no-name brand starter things.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
^ jus about to say that the only ones ive seen are like half size with a speaker and they sell for about £15 in cash generator lol
yeah, the one I'm thinking of was cheap, too.

This $20 amp isn't exactly gonna break any records, either.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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you guys are retarded... so you know how long it took for me to do? it's not like i said it took me 1 try and... bam, perfection... it took me 4 painful tries... which 3 i had to go to the hospital for... electricution, deep cuts, and burns...

and it took me forever to cut out the body of the guitar to add the knobs on... just buy a mini PEAVY amp, and put that stuff into your guitar... i may says it's easy, but you guys have no clue what ur talking about...

i've worked with guitars since i was 12... my dad and i started projects working on wiring guitars and everything... so i have more knowledge about this than you do.
You are a fake account created as a joke to annoy people.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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Wow, you managed to send yourself to the hospital from electrocution from 9V? Forget it, that's talent.
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Cheap amps are "that bad". They suck up your tone like cocaine at Kate Moss' party.

I am Michael!
Deep cuts? What, from a drill? Electrocution from 9v? Burns from your soldering iron is understandable, but I have never gotten one that required anything more than a quick swear from mine. If you've been doing this since you were twelve and you managed to do all that, I surmise that you are twelve and a day.
If he used a router, I could understand some of it. But yeah, that seems a bit bogus for that kind of thing.

And FYI, wiring guitars is nothing. Ever build one from scratch?
Quote by corduroyEW
Cheap amps are "that bad". They suck up your tone like cocaine at Kate Moss' party.

I am Michael!
zeroyon, how hard can you rock on your guitar? power cords only?? and no, this is a real account... and i have had many projects... i'm good with this stuff, so shut up
mine is from scratch, except the distortion knob.... i have Color, Phase, Reverb, Rythm, Tone... and I installed my own Drop Tuning knob like the new Fenders have, but i programmed it myself...
^huh what, you chat the amount of ****,
im no nothing of electrics and stuff but don't come on here and cause **** with members who make valuable contributions.