so i'm trying to save up for a new amp and i was wondering if i could get some input from you

i play classic rock(cream, hendrix, stones, ect) and older punk rock (the clash, sex pistols, ect)

i need an affordable tube amp and i'm thinking of fender blues jr.
any other suggestions?
BJ is good. also, try the crate palamino series, and maybe look at peavey windsor (might be a little too expensive)

oh and get a good OD pedal like a tubescreamer to go along with any of them
maybe a peavey valveking?
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yeah the 112 valve king is the other one i was thinking
i've heard it's gain but how's the cleans, as good as the blues jr's?
and i have a ts-9
no not as good as fender cleans. so your set for od. just go try them side by side if possible. also, if you have the $$$ upgrade to a blues deluxe. you wont regret it
i don't think there sales actually ever end because the radio commercials all sound like the same prices

thanks for the help man
its better to test amps midweek on a normal day, cause the metal monsters crank up the fullstacks on the weekends and sale days, and you cant hear yourself think
^i do have to say i hate that and i went today and that's exactly what it was like.
does anyone know if epiphone valve jr. head with it's matching 1x12 cab would be loud enough to get over a drummer?
because i gotta say it sounded great, and it's simple, just straight forward class a tube amp
I would say Vox Amps, Fender Twin Reverb amps, Epiphone Valve amps, Crate amps for sure to get all kinds of blues rock tones.
peavy valve king is what i would recommend great sound and is the perfect amp for what you want.... or a peavy classic
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The funny thing about the Valveking is that although I think Peavey may have been trying to design a more modern-sounding amp, they actually ended up with one that does vintage tones (classic rock and blues) quite well. Plus a little more gain on tap.
^hppi, did u get the pm? cause u can only see them when u click "my profile" not the private messages link. i think that one is disabled.

windsor is also a cool amp.
the blues junior with the right pedals will do.

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Thanks Jenny. I got it. And a couple of others I didn't know about.