ok so i just hit a gigantic creativity outburst and im coming up with lots of really cool riffs that im trying to piece together into a song but theres so many and i keep finding more. how should i maintain this or help control it and piece it together.
write them all down when you think of them. then you can piece then together or come up with many different songs. but the important thing is to right them down. ive lost many good riffs by not doing that
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
wrting them down is good, but also get a tape recorder, digital recorder, or whatever, and record all of them.

trust me i know what you mean, that happens to me a lot, its cool isnt it? haha

but anyway, if you get a tape/digital recorder you can always just rewind through and listen to all the riffs again, so you know exactly how to play them when you came up with them.

i tried writing them down before, but then i forgot exactly how i played it.

hope that helps.
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i think of stuff in the shower and forget it by the time i get out..so at least you can think of stuff in a dry environment
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