Pretty good. i like how inspirational it sounded. i also think the its cool how it gets quiet then POW and gets heavy. I think measure 76 riff sounded cool. like "whats my age again" a little. i thought it was good. i just think you overused that one intro riff a little too much and maybe should find one similar, but still adds variety. 8/10
Crit Mine?
Quote by JesseBlanchard
I know not many people like this music, but yeh I do, so ill keep posting my songs.

Yeah when your you're tab isn't trash metal and/or filled with lots of fast boring scales you're gonna get few replies here, I hear you man.

It's a great song, simple but catchy. The only part I thought was a bit boring was the part with all the whole notes. You can use it to build some tension, but here it was a bit too long. Probably this changes when someone sings on top of this, maybe you should try writing a voice track for this?

thanks for the replies.

Jonjy2: what do u mean the red bars are annpying as hell. the whole riffs n **** or what?

ElBarto2811: Yeh i could write some lyrics, but i suck so bad a tranfering the melody to guitar pro.
i think he means like add rests to the end of the bars that have red in them so its like a whole bar and not incomplete. very nice btw.

edit: also in the last notes in some of the drums with the red, they should be quarter notes.
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