I was thinking of getting this game tomorrow but I was wondering if it is like WoW where you have to pay a monthly fee for the online play or pay any real money after buying the game. Also is there any single player?
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theres no single player on cs : source, get condition zero, or halflife 2 for that.
and there are no monthly fees.

get it!
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counter strike > every other ****ty first person shooter.

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I have counter strike source and there is no monthly fee and the game kicks ass!! Thousands of hours of play time in this game!! Theres RPG mods and Zombie style game types. Never played the Zombie mod but my friend loves it.

Also check out call of duty (1st one) for PC. Its like 20 bucks and a few years old but the online play is fun. But theres really only a handful of heavy traffic servers. I play mob rilfe server.
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