he uses a 1964 JB Hutto Montgomery Airlines, a Harmony Rocket, a 1970s-era Crestwood Astral II, 1950s-era Kay Hollowbody, and a Gretsch White Penguin (as seen in the music video for "Icky Thump").He plugs this setup into a 1970s Fender Twin Reverb and two 100-Watt Sears Silvertone 6x10 combo amplifiers Thats straight from wikipedia so you know
He also uses the original Digitech Whammy, with either a Big Muff or an original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. If you want the authenticity, paint your amps and your pedals red.
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He also uses an MXR Micro Amp.

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According to wiki : A popular misconception is that American musician Jack White, and English musician Matt Bellamy use the WH-1 Whammy; in reality, both use the Whammy 4
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his tones easy enough to replicate with a modern fender twin, i never thought his tone was remotely good but its really easy to get with a fender amp and a guitar
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