Hey there. I am the founding member of an extremely underfunded classic rock band, Marlinspike. We just formed last month. We have decided to dress in the style of folk-rock players of the early sixties when we play at our gigs. You know, purple turtlenecks, psychedlic tie-die, etc.

Anyway, I have decided to wear a light blue sportcoat over a white turtleneck, black BDU pants, white snakeskin boots, and a red military-style beret with an anchor pin on it.

I have all the stuff except for the light blue sportcoat.

Anyone know where I can find one?


maybe a mall or you could special or something, I'm so little help sorry
Thrift store
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probly ur local goodwill store.
or any store like goodwill.

Best Way. My local Good Will sells them for like $8-$12. Pick up a few of them! Also pick up some god awful 60's style suit while you are at it, you'll probably be able to find them there.
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I'm in a band and we like to consider ourselves "psychedelic", however for us that normally entails wearing Jesus costumes and peacock suits. Believe it or not, if you hit up your local Goodwill you will find a lot of neat articles of clothing, and it won't be cheap looking as if you bought it from a novelty store either. I do all my clothes shopping there actually, and no, I don't always wear peacock themed clothing around.