I'm contemplating whether or not to put a bridge cover on my telecaster I recently got. I think it'd look pretty cool, but I'm not sure. I can't really seem to find any pictures of a telecaster with the plate on it so if anyone has some pictures of a tele with a bridge cover on it, it'd be great if you could post it. Thanks.
yeah, I was wondering how palm muting could possibly work with that sucker there. And I bet putting your palm on there will leave some nice marks on there and stuff. Thanks for the picture.
Just curious--are bridge covers purely aesthetic, or is there some tone advantage to them?
As far as I know, they're just for looks, I can't really see how it could really help the guitar except maybe protect the bridge pickup.... but how could you really damage that anyway?
I think the idea of the bridge plate was to protect the wrist from the sharp edges of the bridge and as a rest for the wrist during finger-picking. These guitars have been around for a long time.
Where would you go about getting one of those anyway? I've considered getting one for my Esquire whenever I eventually get it, but I don't think they come with the guitars anymore, and I'm not sure whether or not Fender sells them at this point.....
I think they come with the vintage reissues. You may be able to get them through Warmoth, but I'm not sure. I'm also pretty sure that they don't fit the modern 6 saddle bridges.
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It was originally meant to block any outside signal from interfering with the bridge pickup, but eventually found it did nothing so they stopped putting it on.
Personally, as a big time Tele enthusiast, I think they're cool, but impractical. They really don't do much and I doubt the prevent hum. Also, as Dirk stated, it kills your option to palm mute, which isn't a big deal to some, but it's still a vital part of playing guitar that's taken away.
I used to have an old bass with one, It was cool looking.

It's for looks, and not being able to palm mute would suck.