I had this idea for the ultimate indulgence in a home practice and recording room , as a solo noisemaking space, not a band room.

Normally my ideal space would be a wood paneled room, heavy foam behind the panels, double glazed windows and a collection of old valve heads I could just blast out while locked in there. But I had a thought. Why use 4 or 8 speakers in a stack, when I could surround myself with them instead, and turn the room into the cab.

I was wondering if some of the engineers here could ponder the ideal placement of speakers around the room to get the wooden walls, ceiling and floor reverberating nicely. If I had 8 12 inch celestions with the amp signal split between two series loops of four, (giving 16ohms of impedance same as the fullstack), where would I put them? Should they be placed, high? low? angled up? down?, combinations thereof.

I'd want to combine close micing the speakers with dynamics, and then using condensers in the centre getting the overall sound mix, which could then be blended in to capture the reverb.

I'd probably be needing to gate out a lot of feedback, since the idea of the room is that the sound surrounds you.

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Just move it around the fretboard
I always have my amp angled up, towards my face.

What I'd do if I were you, is I'd have 4 speakers. One per wall. Have them set up so you can manipulate their positions to get a sound that you really dig.
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What I'd do if I were you, is I'd have 4 speakers. One per wall. Have them set up so you can manipulate their positions to get a sound that you really dig.

That's probably the best idea, do some experimenting till you get the sound that you're looking for. I've been in a small surround-sound recording room, and I know they had to do a lot of playing to get rid of feedback and other recording problems.
What about having a full stack in two adjacent corners of the room with each cab angled 30 degrees away from each other. Just place a lot of mattresses/sound deadener on the opposite wall. It's not exactly surround sound, but it should pretty decent.
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I figure have them all evenly spaced around the area in which you think you'll mostly be playing in.

Say you have a chair in the middle, you'll want them all evenly distanced around the room from that center position. I like to make my amp face upward to me, but I guess it all depends on what you like yourself personally.

Just have them floating for the meantime and keep rearranging before you set them down somewhere.