im in a band, my current amp (behringer) is just jsut barley loud unough if the guitarist is quiet, but theres no good low or high end and it gets all distorted and i have to play it at max

theres one at my local music store for $799

when Moses brought down the plagues upon Egypt one of them involved Behringer amps

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ampegs usually sound delicious

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It's one of the best combos you're going to get, but $800? Not worth it. At the $650 it's listed at, totally worth it. Also, don't get the BA-210 SP. The effects are crap and sound like ass.
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A 210 combo for $800? You must be out of your mind. You can get a 1,000 watt stack for that price.
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A 210 combo for $800? You must be out of your mind. You can get a 1,000 watt stack for that price.

What if that 210 was a tube Aguilar? jk

Seriously, that is incredibly overpriced, I'm telling you not to buy even as much as I love ampegs.
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What if that 210 was a tube Aguilar? jk

I'd still get a solid state setup that would kick it's ass for cheaper.
that is a great combo amp if you can afford it then get it, if thats all you can afford. its a good amp
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every ampeg i've ever played on sounded orgasmic. what i would do is go to that local shop and try it out. if you love it you can ask them to sell it at 650 because you know a place you can get it for that price...if they don't do it buy the one off the net. Of course remember that shipping on that baby is crazy.

of course the reviews of that one aren't so hot so maybe not.
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well, you're getting a good amp, but I'd say that you could gat a good sounding solid state stack for a few extra (just don't go for another behringer) I personally find that tubes really aren't worht the prices they ask because you can get a MOSFET amp that sounds the same and has more power for the same price
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