do pickups make a different sound depending on where they are? i mean say you have 3 of the same pickups in a fender strat.. would they make the same sound or a different sound
bridge for rock and such and higher up for blues and soft stuff without the extra edge. Play around a little
Yes in fact that's really the biggest difference. The only real difference between neck and bridge/mid pickups is how hot they are wired. Bridge pickups are wired hotter to match volume, because there are less vibrations at the bridge.
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k sweet thx.. i was thinking about putting 2 seymour duncan shr-1 hotrail in brige and middle, and seymour duncans sjbj- jb jr in the neck
If you have two pickups wound exactly the same way, the one at the neck will be significantly louder on all frequencies and the tone will reflect that. Otherwise no difference. Because bridge pickups are wound tighter for more volume, they are also attributed to more treble and are balanced out to have the same volume.
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