Dang! Me again with the S470's and the Rg350's.I just came across another new thread where people kept telling the guy that if he wants a RG,he should just change the trem.I am wondering whether its better to change the trem of a RG350 to a better one so it does not go out of tune like the S470? The s470 is about S$300 more then the RG350,so should i change the trem for the RG350 to one thats better den the S470 like the ones on JEMS?lol..edge pros might be a lil expensive..so i really wonder.Whats your opinion guys?To change the trem on the RG350 to a Edge Pro or just stick with the S470?

Stick with the s series, I love mine but mine has a floyd rose bridge witch is a pain in the @$$ to replace strings with
haha,can't you just ask the shop keeper to teach you the ''secret'' haha,i really love then thin body and its cool and light,
The shoe keeper part lost me
But if your talking about my guitar being light and thin hell yeah
its shop not shoe...i mean ask the shop keeper to teach you how to restring the guitar,
Doesn't the S470 have a ZR trem? I've heard they're pretty reliable for holding tuning...