I'd really like a tab of that background music they play on a City of Villains map named Cap Au Diable. I can't, for the life of me, find a single tab on how to play this -so can anyone make one for me?

I understand that there prolly aren't a lot of UG forumers who play CoV but luckily I have a kind of crappy wav. recording of the song: better then nothing. Now, the "song" itself is basically 3 parts looped a few times: The first is some crazy-but-slowish thing that repeats just once, then the second part just repeats itself 8 times and then it gets rocking with the third part which then goes on to repeat itself 8 times too; and thats about it.. Then the whole things just loops itself.

If anyone is interested in being the first one in.. ever, to tab this song out, please e-mail me at Mike_Crain12789@hotmail.com and ask for the recording.. or if you already have the game, hop the trolley and listen in.