hi, im new to the boards and have been lurking around quite a bit. so ive finally registered. anyway i just did a cover of canon rock. i recorded it directly through the comp so the sound quality is good. i am 13 years old and have been playing since june, so almost 3 months now. i did have 7 years of violin behind me, so that helped out learning guitar a lot. the reason i started guitar was because of this song and so i really wanted to play it. and now after a whole summer, i finally finished recording it. i know i have a couple mistakes in technique like some pinch harmonics and sweeppicking, but any advice is totally appreciated. please rate and comment. Thanks!

heres the link

Its really good from a guy that played three months. I guess the violin really does help.

The harmonic was ok and the sweeping part was great. keep it up

ps: this was also the first song i practiced and played
How do these feckin' asian kids pick up on guitar so fast.
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Amazing attempt for 3 months. Truly. I can already tell that you're going to develop great lead skills; in such a short amount of time, you've demonstrated an incredible amount of control and expression on the strings.

From one Asian to another, well done, and keep it up!
you piss me off your to good for 13 and 3 months lol good job,,,one thing though to work on i am not sure if it was the sound quality or your playing but work on your sweeps to get them cleaner.you did really really good though.so dont take that as an insult just am making a observation.
lol tyvm! i know my sweeps suck cause i havent really taken the time to actually do it slowly and build up the speed on a metronome yet xD im lazy ill get to that soon i hope... lol ty for the advice!
Have you REALLY been playing for three months?
I'm being able to play three songs that well in three months seems extremely unlikely.
But anyway it was really good, alot of potential.
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dude, your making me feel bad, lol... I've been playing for like 7 months now and I still am having trouble with canon rock ... Guitar is my first instrument ever though, hell, I never even set foot in a single music class or anything before i started playing...

anyway really nice job -- seriously, I wish I could play that well, and I've been playing longer...

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great job for three months worth of playing. and i can definetly see how your violin playing helped out, esp. with your vibrato. the way i was taught was the other way, where you bend it to the desired pitch more with your fingers. you do it with your wrist which is cool too.
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viva- yes im serious ive only been playing for 3 months why do you think i have a squier xD. ive never touched a guitar before that, except for my friends crappy classical guitar lol. but im alright and melodia were really easy, its just that the sweeppicking and fast parts in canon gave me trouble. read the second edit on my description for canon rock

mazz- hmm i dunno probably, my squier isnt that good anyway xD i hope to get a good ibanez near the end of this year

outofmyelement- LOL i didnt even realize i did vibrato with my wrist on guitar. i remmeber when i was little my violin teacher stressed about the importance of using your wrist in both hands nd blah blah blah blah lol nd btw i dont hve a teacher for guitar, i just learn online from lessons here on UG and watch some vids on youtube.

btw i also uploaded melodia by neil zaza my 3rd vid
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