finally got a new car
drove it real far
then it died
what a night

finally got a new house
was a big house
then i burned it
what a purchase

finally got this
finally got that
nessciety seems to be
a new trend of
over excess
without success
no wonder your in debt
stupid shit

didn't get my
my dad is such
a ****ing meany

didnt get my
credit card
so i can act
like i'm a star

didn't get this
didn't get that
complaing seems to be
a new trend
over excess
without succsess
no wonder you don't get
stupid ****

why the **** are you buying
why the **** are you complaining
you daddy isn't dying
and you got your ****ing golden things
so don't worry


that's for poor people anyway
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They're all covers, but "Think" was actually written by Urethra Franklin.

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In short

I Liked the alteration . i laughed at some lines . But i didn't like the overall message .