I was wondering about whats the right way to pick scrape. How do you know when to do a pick scrape? Not every pick scrape sounds like a good one. What strings do you do it on? ETC, ETC, ETC... I'd just like people to elaborate on this subject.
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I take the blunt/ fat edge of my pick and scrap like I'm Trying to flip a pancake
sorry, if that is worthless but that is how I do It
i find mine always sound best if i hold the pick at a 45 degree angle to the strings and scrape up the A and D strings.
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
I barely scrape past the neck pickup, there's more than enough room between the bridge and the fretboard to do a decent scrape, plus you can get back quicker into riffs.
i use 1mm tortex picks like this:

and i also have 11-52s on my guitar because the fatter strings give you a much more meaty sound. I also scrape both bottom strings at the same time.

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Dont just scrape mindlessly too, pick a point in the song where it will sound good, and pick the number of frets you're gonna scrape e.g. scrape up/down by 12 frets (an octave).
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