Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/ Delay. It's been used for a long time but functions perfectly! $50 shipping Included. --SOLD--

Electroharmonix Holy Grail Reverb. This pedal has only seen very limited use and could pass for new. It is in near mint condition and works flawlessly. $70 shipping included. ---SOLD---

I can accept US Postal money orders. PM if you are interested.
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Damn I really want that boss reverb/delay...maybe if I beg my girlfriend I'd be able to get it.
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Ill take the RV-3. Ill try PMing you, but this new system is a bit wacky.
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^ Pm received, replied.

The Boss RV-3 is spoken for. Someone take this Holy Grail, you know you want it!
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Hey man. Ive tried to email and PM, but with no luck.

Have you shipped the RV-3?
Smooth deals with: messiahofevil, bassdrum