i'm not mad.
oh i swear i'm not
i just want answers
these answers are miserable, mangled, and misconstrued
give me something i can understand!
oh my dirt mind, quit it
stop reminding me
of who is gone, how i've paid, and how it felt

my mind is lost but it's still torturing me
i want to flow this misery to the sea CHORUS
let it pass, give it time
come on, come on, don't blind me again!

bitter state of mind,
back here at home
but here it is again
why is it the everything i see?
i'll hold this in my patience


short on the fritz,
i'm running out,
the beer is gone,
but i'm back out

Can i assume this a punk song, because i love the raw energy the lyrics seem to give, i can imagine this song being very fast and angry.