My favorite song would probably be..... Paradice city, being it the first G n' R song I ever heard.
Breakdown, and P. City
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Estranged...it's just epic
Paradise City...stunning Slash-Axl chemistry
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id say either estranged, coma, or november rain. most of the gunnrs songs are great, these ones were just EPIC


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Sweet Child has a really good solo.

I agree with you. I'm not yet finished with the solo. Haha.

God, I feel like that song is almost never heard of by some people >.<
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NaivexLi is anything but naive. His post was a pretty good source of info.


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Guys there is an Only GNR thread at the top of the page.
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seeing as though the TS hasnt deleted this even after he's been told there's an only gnr thread

Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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