Why is it so important to know what scale a song is in? and is a key the same thing as a scale?
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No, keys are what you say the song is in. you can have a scale of the same name- but don't think that's necessarily the scale which the song uses- as often it's more than one, and in blues it can be the minor equivilant of a major key.

Edit: But yeah, knowing the key and appropriate scale just gives a base for what notes to use, as you'll have a good idea of the feel a note will give.
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I think the main thing scales are important for is soloing. But they also help you know what notes to go to when writing a song.

If you have a song with a certain chord progression, and you want to write a melody over it, then knowing what scale fits with those chords will help you figure out what notes to choose.

And if you solo without knowing any scales there's a pretty good chance you're gonna come off like you don't really know what you're doing.

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like the dude above me said they are amazing for soloing and improvisation as well if you play in a band but also play gigs you can improvise and youll get alot of recognition from your peers and hey you might never know where you can go from there
I use scales for everything, thats why they are important.
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Scales are for solo's and improvising, and also helps you know your neck. Keys are what you're going to want to know when you're playing a band, or if you want to be a session gutiarist. In other words, if you're walking into a place to play a solo for a song you've never heard, and they tell you to play in the key of E, you should know what to play and where.