I recently had a period of time where all I had was an acoustic. Now I have both an acoustic and my good ole strat. I've never played an acoustic for a long period so it took getting used to. Anywho when I went back to playing my strat I expected the fretboard to be like butter. When I played it it was like my hands were gargantuan and strumming a chord feels so much more dainty, it almost feels like I'm gonna break the thing. Anywho, what is it like for you guys?
I went from electric to acoustic too, well kinda, I never stopped playing electric, but it did take some getting used to.
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yeah, me too. whenever I play my good old dreadnought I do fingerstyle, so if I switch to an electric or nylon string I play so much better due to the lower tension and action. I think everyone should start on an acoustic if they want to get good, since the finger strength and precision it builds makes the seond guitar much easier to play fast.
I really like the strength and speed aspect, playing things smoother and in better control of the speed than I'm used to. The acoustic is horrible too, the strings are so freakin thick they feel like bass strings.
I played my electric exclusively for a couple weeks when I went somewhere, when I got back I felt like my hands were incredibly weak on the acoustic (it's quite a hard one to play).
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i played acoustic for a long time.
then when i picked an electric up, i could solo and thrash like a madman.