Alright, So this kid always gives me **** all the time and ive dropped him a few times aswell in front of all of his mates but he just cant swallow his pride and hes just laying into me and punching me (his punches dont hurt but you know how even the gentlest punch can start hurting if kept punching in the one spot? yeah thats what he does) and i just say to him "**** OFF! I DONT WANT TO FIGHT YOU!" give him every opportunity to walk away but no he has to be a bad ass so I have enough of his **** and a throw one punch and it hits him in the chin!

funniest part, hes punched me 100 times I punch him once and he lays off.... not really a fight but it was funny he never punches me anymore sometimes a push but i push him back i really want him to punch me so i can smack his ass out

so anyways post your own fighting stories!
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Erm... I had some small fights, but nothing big.
I'm always avoiding fights, but when someone hits me, I just put him on the ground, and put my knee in his neck or something. I'm quite strong .
So.... Noone tries to fight me, and if they do, I'll try to avoid it.
i only get into fights when defending my mates. It rarely escalates to violence though, usually a heated argument and then i get right in their faces and start shouting.

(i'm 6ft 4)

they usually back down. And if they dont, we walk away, and if they follow us, i run at them and they scarper.

The last fight i was in, i beat the sh*t out of someone for hitting my sister
yeah i try to avoid fights now, the last kid that started on me i hit over the head with a snooker cue. bit harsh but it needed to be done.
I've only been in a fight once...a friend of mine got in a fight and we just all stood up for him...there were only 2 persons who got hit...me and me friend....well anyways, the cops came in before anything really bad happened
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yeah i try to avoid fights now, the last kid that started on me i hit over the head with a snooker cue. bit harsh but it needed to be done.

Good job
not really anything big a guy was in my face so i puched himin the stomach as a warning punch and he went off crying and last year a guy tried to tackle me so i lifted him up and droped him and walked away he came back again so i grabeb him and put his face into the ground so he pulled my HAIR so i just gave him a kidney punch and then went off he never bothers me either

**** i hate people that try to fight me though all i am is skin a bones but im mroe solid then what people take me for
ok well this guy was pissing everyone off
and like an ass he pulls my chair away as i go to sit down
i let that slide but then he tries to do it again and i mean im pissed
i get him right in the chin with one of those good punches you just love the sound of, one of those =D
and yeah then he runs out of class for the whole day, waits at the busstop for me and tries to get me, next day my mate drops him with a baseball bat
oooh u watch this threds gonna fill up with far fetched stories so quick.

only one i have was bout a month ago, somone disses my best mate, and we were gonna let it go till she yelled 'why u keep walkin, pussy" so i went back and threw her against a wall by the throat and just quietly said, "u filthy slut, if u ever, ever diss my mate again, or me, i'll kill u i swear to god" then i shoved her real hard into the wall and walked away.

yeh wasnt even a fight, just me being skitzo and over protective of me mates.
Lets all be nice
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oooh u watch this threds gonna fill up with far fetched stories so quick.

One time.....i fought my sister
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i got in a fight with a kid at school. i kicked his ass.

so what if he was 5?
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My cousin pisses me off, I throw a ball at him, he hits me, I throw his glasses, he cries, I cry.

When I was 5 =).
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