Okay, I am completely stuck.

I can't play chords that involve my little finger. I was cursed with very small hands and I'm currently struggling with these chords on a half size guitar.

I've only been playing two years, is it just that my hands haven't stretched enough yet? Or am I screwed and will just have to deal with it?

If you can give any advice it'd be great because i'm starting to get extremely frustrated at myself.

hey man
alot of the time it's just practising it over and over again... or they'r are different sorts of power/bar chords you can play...with only using 3 fingers.
I was teaching a guy who had the same problem, the way he learned was by just putting all his fingers except his little one in the chords shape and then slowely placing his little finger on...yee ha, it did take a him quite a few attempts, but alot of the time it is just practising putting your finger in the chord shape slowely...
i am sorry if this didnt make loads of sense...tell me if you dont get what i mean and ill re-explain it


o' and what sort of chords are you learning?
Basically, chords like these

e |----------------------|
B |----------------------|
G |---2--4--6-----------|
D |---4--6--8-----2--4-|
A |---5--7--9-----4--6-|
E |----------------5--7-|

I struggle due to the fact my little finger and the finger next to it can barely reach the frets they need to to produce the chord.
what kinda probs do you have? not enough power in your little finger or not enough control? or even both of it?

to improve power and control, just do some warm-ups before at the beginning of every practise session i.e. some picking excercises with all your left hand fingers....1-2-3-4, 1-4-2-3, 1-3-2-4....do this on every string, start on fifth fret and end up at 12th fret, then try from 1st fret to the 5th because they require the widest stretch.
you can also do some 2-finger exc. that always include your little finger, f.e. 1-4, 2-4, 3-4...
all that will improve your control.

you can play most of the open chords with a second fingering:
example: open A minor: i guess you do it with your index finger, middle finger and ringfinger. now replace them! use middlefinger for your indexfinger position, ringfinger for your middlefinger and pinky for your ringfinger position.
you can do that with lots of chords - takes a little bit to get used to it, but it will help you with your prob
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Make sure that your fretting hand's knuckles are well above the fretboard. This will help give you leverage to fret with your pinky -- the pinky will be supported by your whole arm, rather than relying upon its own strength.

Good luck!