Okayy... so heres the deal. I have a Samsung d900, and the memory was quite small, I could only fit about 9 songs on it. But, now I have a 2GB MicroSD memory card for it. I put the card in, connected my phone to the PC, put another 3 songs on my phone its saying "Insufficent memory". Do I need to sync the memory card with the phone somehow? Help please.
i think there should be some choice thing to save it to the phone or the card or something
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you're saving it onto the phones memory.

If your pc has a memory card slot, you can put the micro SD card into the adaptor thing and put your stuff directly onto the memory card
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Where would this slot be? And I just went onto My Files on my phone, and it gave me a memory card option. I went on it, it asked me if I wanted to format, pressed yes, and it said error!
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It should have come with a bigger SD card that you could plug yours into. Then plug this into a card reader, and then the reader into your usb.

Or just move everything onto the card after you send it to your phone, one at a time.

Card reader?
Put some songs on your phones memory, then select them and choose "Move to card" I think it is. Then repeat. That's how I do it with my D600.
I mean on your phone itself, not on your PC. Go:
Menu > File Manager > Music > Music > Options > Move to Card > All > Move.
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But maybe format the card again? or on the computer?

Didn;t you read? It never let me format it in the first place.
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But why not try it again?

I've tried about a hundered times. Whats goin on??