Just a quick question. Reading through a lot of the threads here it is obvious that many people are very well educated about the different modes of scales and such. But, how many people create/write their own stuff? And, if you do write your own stuff, how do you write? Do you choose certain scales and try to write within them, or do you do what I do and write first, worry about what key your in later??? Just asking, thought it would be interesting to know what process people are using when creating.
Write something first, then analyse it and take things from there. Although if i've got a chord progression I'll normally work out which scales to use to improvise over with.
I usually pick the key I like the sound of, then either try to get a chord progression from it, or try to get a cool riff from it.
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this is how I do it:
I pick a random note, then play another random note and then think what I can do to make em fit and repeat this proces till I have a main riff/solo/whatever I was trying to do , I know this isnt very professional but the ppl I know like my stuff and say its rlly good progressive rock :p
I wonder how others do this
i play bass, but when i write songs i just screw around untill something sounds cool. Then i build off that, then i run and grab a guitar and make stuff to go over [or under] the bass.
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I Just play some random things, sometimes it ends up pretty sweet and I use it... Don't really think about theory in the writing phase...