I was wondering if anyone out there had ideas, how to practice song writing, its not an easy skill, and to make uptotally new and creative rifffs, its not easy!!!
so if u have any ideas, or what you do, let me know!
What I often do is mess around until I come up with a nice riff/progression, then record that, loop it and experiment with playing melodies over the top of it. It's a trial and error process, but eventually you'll end up with something good.

Another tip is to experiment with rhythms. People forget that rhythm is as important as note choice when it comes to melodies. Try tapping out a rhythm first, then add notes to it and see what happens.
try just writing something everyday...whether is a full song a good riff or just a cool progression it really gets u thinking creatively
Lyrically, I practice by deciding to write about something random and make it as good as I can, even if the topic is lame. I also work on new rhyme schemes and techniques like internal rhyme or different wording or whatever else.
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It's all about perseverance and limitations. You have to make yourself do things you wouldn't normally do to get new ideas out of yourself. Come up with things like

-Every third measure will be in 5/4 time signature
-Only play on one string
-Only play on two strings that aren't right beside each other
-Tap on every 4th beat
-Play a non-diatonic chord on beat two and four

Things like that will help. If you ever hear a sound you like, learn it, analyze it, and make it your own.
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