Sup guys, i need a little help here. I got $800 from my parents for my birthday to buy a PS3 and some games, but i'm gonna pass on that for better equipment, meaning a new amp and an effects processor.

I'll pretty much only be using them for practice, and i play mainly metal, nearly all types of it so i'm looking for a High-gain amp. However i don't want to compromise on cleans. I spoke to a couple of musician friends, and decided to go for a Roland Cube-30. I tried it at my uncle's store, and it sounds pretty good. I also wanted to try out a Valvetronix, but there weren't any in the store at the time. So in your opinion, should i go for the Cube, or wait to try a Valvetronix?

As for effects, i'm lookin at a Zoom G9.2tt. I've tried the G2.1U at a friend's place, though only for about half an hour so i didn't fully explore the sound yet. I did try the Digitech Rp350 at the store, but the Zoom just looks so much more awesome.

So as for now, my decision is Cube-30 + Zoom G9.2. So what say, go for it?

Oh by the way, i have an Ibanez RG321MH, and a Behringer starter guitar which i don't use anymore. My current amp is a Line 6 Spider 3, which sucks so much i hate myself for buying it. I don't have any effects processors or any pedals as of now.

Thanks in advance!!
i play metal mainly, ranging from old school Maiden to Metallica to Amon Amarth and such. So i'm looking for a high-gain amp.
first of all wise choice on choosing buying equipment over a console

go to a music shop and try out as many amps as you can

you can probably look at the Peavey Bandit or the Valvkings, or maybe Marshall DFX100?

if you can get a tube amp (even 2nd hand), and get a good effects board that should sound pretty cool

effects board, try look at Boss ME-50, or even think about buying separate fx pedals if your not using that much effects anyway

hope this helps
for 800 dollars you can get a VERY VERY nice amp. Why are you looking into digital crap like the roland? Look into tube amps!

Oh, and what is the purpose of the amp? bedroom practice? band practice? gigs?

oh and to the user above me...don't get that marshall. It's not great.
The amp is mainly for bedroom practice, but i also jam with friends from time to time. No gigs or anything though. Thanks for all your replies dudes !