hi, i recently bought an ibanez s470 and was wondering what brand and gauge string yu guys use on yours and also which pickups you have in them?

jus to get some ideas, thanks
.009s to .042s

and i have ah serise pick ups

and a lo-res 2 trem [bleh]

how about your self?
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i still have it stock and got it around christmas, still havnt changed the strings lol.
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I have the a few of the rg series ibanez guitars. I've never changed the pickups on em, I think they sound just fine stock. As for strings, it depends on what you wanna be playing. I play a lot of rock and hardcore stuff, so I use 10 gauge strings to get a more grungy sound out of em. Its all about your personal opinion in that sort of stuff. You might like the way the 9 gauges sound. its up to you.
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i have an SZ if that counts
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S520ex here, Stock Strings, Stock pickups, just waiting to get it into the luthier 22nd of september for a full setup, then ill be using Ernie Ball Regulars and EMG 81/85 combo
s470DXQM. Its got the stock pups, but its an 04 model so the stock pickups are powersounds i believe? Not infinities thats for sure. I use good ol 10-46 D'addarios.
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Black S470 here.

I use d'addario 10's, and sounds great, might try again with 9's to see if i still feel the difference.

As for the pickups, I use dimarzio air norton on bridge, stock sigle middle coil, and dimarzio D-Sonic on bridge.