what does learning to play with my hand unanchoired actually achieve, i usually play with my little finger anchored is this a bad habit?
I don't think its that bad if you're playing slow, beginner stuff. I still do it if I'm playing quite slow stuff.
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There are a lot of threads discussing it to death. I suggest to use the search tool.

Anyway, i play anchored most of the time but from what i've read, unanchored give you more freedom to move your wrist/arm, hence play much fluid and faster.
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great for strumming chords single notes and such

faster single string playing

each has its uses learn em both
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I would play with it unachored. Doing some riffs without that finger would be quite difficult, like trying penatonics. But i guess playing wit it anchored has its uses as well.
I would only anchor for single string tremolo picking
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unanchored = more speed....sometimes I anchor if I have to downpick as fast as I can on pm-chords for example....but thats about it....I usually rest my palm on the bridge and press it against it
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There is no difference for me if I anchor or not. But when I notice I am anchoring, I try not to, and it messes up my playing ha
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it's not a bad habit, you need to learn different picking techniques and find the best for each situation, anchoring is good for tremolo picking but it's a bad idea while doing palm mute