I kno people have asked before but I haven't found the right answer yet so:

What effect does John Frusciante use in the song Don't Forget Me?!?

For the verse and stuff I think he just uses an analog delay pedal for the tapping part but for the SOLO he adds something else to create crazy sounds.

I think he might turn on a bit distortion and a wah with the delay still running but I also want to recreate the whooshy/scratchy sound he makes when he rakes the strings just before playing as he does in so other songs such as the Torture Me solo.

If anyone knows any equivalent pedals which could be similar I would be really grateful because I've written a song and just want to improve the sound of the solo.

lol. So I didn't find an answer because no one must kno. balls........
the solo for Dont forget me is just Wah+Delay+Fuzz, but he uses the wah as an EQ and changes the position 3 or 4 times, not as a conventional wah.

The torture me solo is just Fuzz... But its a Zvex fuzz factory which is a quite unique fuzz, with a strat neck pickup and some damn unique playing.

EDIT: if your wanting the exact pedals...

His wah is an Ibanez WH10
Delay is a line6 DL4
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^I see. So there's no crazy boutique effects goin on like maybe a mellotron or whatever?

I've heard that Frank Zappa used his wah pedal as a sort of filter so it seems like a good idea.

Thanks Aldente.
Oh, theres reverb in the DOn't Forget me solo too...

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail for that.
As for the Delay - I'm thinking about getting an analog delay pedal but only have about £50 to spend on it.

I've found this and was wondering whether it would be good enough for receating the solo and for creating more spacey sounds but still sounding warm like analog delays:

Would it have enough delay time?

What digital delays have analog sounding delay?

Thanks for helping BTW
That pedal should be ok, The delay for that solo is set reasonably quick so that pedal should be fine, it looks to me like an OK pedal tbh.

If you can save-up, Id say your best bet would be a Boss DD3, They're usually about 60-70 £.

EDIT: I've found this... It looks ok for the price.
In the solo, there's probably a hell of a lot reverb in there and maybe even one of those Moogerfoogers.

If you play that song just rape effects.
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Has anyone used an Artec Analog Delay cus I've never seen one in shops before and so can't try it out.

Although the price for the Artec Analog Delay is pretty damn cheap I was wondering if Tap Tempo is really needed to play songs such as this. If so, are there any analog delays that do have tap tempo?

woo, alot of questions - thanks for helping peeps.