I could not help but lmao at the topic name xD

anyway, is it ok if I intimately finger my G major chord with the fallowing...

second string second fret: 1st finger
third fret first string: 2nd finger
third fret sixth string: 3rd finger

here is my sad attempted at making tab, x's are frets, and the numbers are my fingers.


if your wondering, I have a much easier time doing it this way then using my pinky. but if it's not a good idea tell me now while I'm still a noobie.

another question: I keep my thumb aligned with my second finger right?

thats how i learned it

wow umm

e4th finger
Amiddle finger
E3rd finger
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I'd suggest fingering it whichever way is most comfortable now, eventually your fingers will become more accustomed to weird positions, and you can change it around then. For me, I couldn't use my pinky on the high e string as you can't, but after a while I tried it again and it was much easier.
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Id recommend fingering it with your middle, ring and pinky that will leave your index finger free which will allow for quicker changes to other chords. Also, if you finger it the way you're suggesting you wont be able to do chord changes like these as smoothly:

G  G7    G  Am7/G
dude, ur suppose to play it that way =\

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