With my guitar, when you have the volume off or on max (10) there is no noise, but when you are playing on imbetween volumes if you are not covering the strings there is a fizzy sort of background noise coming from the guitar.

Is this because my volume pot works on a resistor basis or what, the pickups are humbuckers and as I said, absolutely silent on 10 when not being played, this is with all other electrics in the room off, including lights.

Do all guitars do this, I can't remember it on other ones that I have played, is it to do with the quality of the electrics?

It doesn't bother me, I was just wondering if anyone knew.

Cheers Craig
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make sure that the solder from the pickup switch to the volume pot is still intact. i doubt its the pickups going dead if none work. does it crackle really bad when you spin the volume pot? also, it could be a bad connection with the input jack solders, the input jack to volume pot even. check for faulty looking electronics.

edit : just re-read, i thought you meant silent as in not working. what kind of background noise is it? hiss or buzz?
No it doesn't crackle as you turn it, and they work fine on all volumes, it is just this background 'hiss'on volumes other than 10 and off.

Cheers Craig
Floyd Rose DST-2
Vox AD15VT
i'm no expert but my guitar does the same and i know my freinds does too so i always assumed it was normal

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My guitar does that when I use crap cables. That could be the problem. Take the guitar to a shop and try it with good quality cables see if it helps.

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yeah thats what i was going to say, its either the cables, or you got some dirty pot (haha). if the cable fails, spray your input jack and your electronics out with a good fast drying contact cleaner. you sound like you sort of know what you are talking about with electronics so youve probably already done that. but if you havent, its good to do it every month or so.
Cheers lads, the cables are planet waves expensive ones, I am sure I'v got the sheilded ends the right way round, I will try it the other way later.

The guitar is not very old at all so I am thinking it is just some sort of resistor on the volume pot that the pickups are hearing.

I will try the above suggestions and thanks for the advice, I am sure it is because it is just a chinese made electronics set up, I bet a more expensive guitar would not do it, I'll have it apart and replace the insides in time because I can't fault the rest of the guitar.

Cheers Craig
Floyd Rose DST-2
Vox AD15VT
In case anyone cares the problem got worse and happened on all volumes, it was the jack (noob hangs his head in shame)
Floyd Rose DST-2
Vox AD15VT