Poll: What conspiracys do you belive are most real
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View poll results: What conspiracys do you belive are most real
4 25%
Robert Kennedy (JFK bro)
2 13%
princess diana
2 13%
8 50%
Voters: 16.
I belive that many conspiracies are true like America landing on the moon i belive that was fake but i don't belive that the American gorverment would blow up the trade center just so they could invade Iraq.

tell me what conspiracies you belive in or don't i.e. 9/11,JFK
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shouldnt you ask which of those are least likely to be a conspiracy, rather than which conspiracy seems more real?
do you really beileve jet fuel brought down the trade centers? i believe it was an inside job, just like the shooting of jfk, this is my opinion only!
Learn to spell before you start worrying about conspiracies.

And for the record I believe all are real.
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I believe that there is something awfully fishy about the JFK assassination, but I don't know what.
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