Hi guys, I wanna get some chrome pickup covers for my guitar, but I don't know much about them. How can I be sure whether or not a given cover will fit on my guitar? Also, will they change the sound at all? And if so, will covers with holes yield different sound than those without holes?

Also, I'm thinking of changing some of my hardware, and I'm not sure how to go about getting my knobs off. I have a bc rich warlock, from what I understand you just kinda pull them off, buy I'm a little reluctant to attempt this without someone who knows what they are doing confirming it.

Thanks for any help
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you can yank the knobs right off. and well id say theres not a lot of difference between single coil shapes. and for humbuckers well they dont differ much in size either.
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Yeah, humbuckers are usually a general size because of string spacing.
There might be a few differences along the line, but in the end you could always send a email to the staff at BC Rich with the dimensions of the cover, and ask them if it'll fit.