Ok I'm a newbie and just bought a Epi LP Custom as my first guitar. Now I'm looking to get an amp. My price range is between 200 -300 and narrowed my field to Marshall, Fender and Line 6 .
I'd appreciate a little feed back on pro's and cons of these in this range. I'm not looking to blow the doors and windows out, just a nice amp for sitting around in apt.
What currency is that 200-300 in?

What sort of styles do you play?

I'd say an immediate no to all of those you've listed.

a Good bet would be a Roland Cube of some sort.
In that price range, none of those brands are your best bet. I'd suggest that you look at a Cube, like Aldente said, a Vox AD15VT, or maybe an Epiphone Valve Junior if you're mostly into classic rock and blues.
ROLAND CUBE 60 OR ROLAND CUBE 30 kick everything elses ass's
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You're not getting a good amp for $300 in Fender or Marshall. Now if you increase your range, you might get something. And don't buy Line 6 amps. The only good amp for $300 made by Fender is the Champ, so I suggest trying that one out.

Try a Roland Cube or Vox Valvetronix. Or if you just want a tube sound, buy a Valve Jr, with an EQ pedal. Or try out the Champ. None of those amps come with any added effects or equalizers, though, but if used correctly, they can be amazing amps.
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