I don't mean EMG pickups in general. I have two guitars with EMG's, one that I just built. I bought the EMG's used and I believe they are faulty. I've wired them probably about 5 times over, assuming it was my fault. Originally with only one volume and one tone pot. Then I assumed it absolutely needed a 3-way switch, because the tone was off. I drew up a diagram and rewired it with a volume pot and a 3-way switch. Diagram here:

I still got the same problem. The easiest way I can explain it: The 3-way selector switch changes the tone. I have the problem guitar with the 3-way selector switch in the down position like normal and record. If I take my other guitar and flip the 3-ways switch in the middle position and play over it, the tones match up perfectly.

About the guitar (custom build myself):

Randy Rhodes body
Flamed maple top
Floyd Rose tremolo
EMG 81 + 85
Jackson 24 fret neck

Any ideas?
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yeah, i dont know if theres something different with emgs but im pretty sure you need to disconnect the leads and send them straight to the switch, then volume, then out.
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Why are the leads from the pickups going to the volume pot first, or is that just the drawing?

No the leads aren't going to the volume pot first, I know its not clear in the diagram. Sorry. The braid of the wire is soldered the volume pot, then the leads go to the switch.
You may have messed up the wiring on the output jack.

By the way, the ground wire on the switch does nothing. That is, if it's a DPDT.
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