Finally recorded some REAL drums to our tracks, we hooked our drumset up with 2 broadcast microphones, and it sounds really really good (I think anyways) for having 2 voice mics on it, haha. tell me you guys think, c4c as always, i look forward to hearing your guys feedback on the drumming and guitar playing. The drummer is this hippy looking kid who is extremely groovy, his beats are like funk, on to a hard rock track, i think it sounds sick!


listen to FIND MY WAY!

The sounds is very good mate!! and the palying is awsome :P Gratz
Ps- what c4c means?lol
guitar tone was good, but way to loud. it overpowered the drums and bass and everything else. playing was good, but i think some more interesting chord changes would be cool. i couldn't really hear the bass at all. vocals would be nice.

thanks for the crit.,
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