I'm all new into this guitar-world, I've problably played a guitar four or five times, so I can't say I know anything.

But I'm sure I want to play the electric guitar, so i need to buy one.

I'm been looking around, and talked to some people at the stores (but they only want my money).

Okay, enough of the chit-chat, I want a guitar with a tremelo, so I don't need to buy a new one for some time.

I've been looking at the Ibanez RG350 and the Jackson DK2, but people say the tremelos get out of tune after one bend. So please, can someone recommend a guitar with a tremelo, and doesn't cost over 600 US dollars.

Thanks in advance! And please don't flame me because of my grammar, I'm norwegian.

And BTW, i'm into metal and rock.

(i have a bad feeling norway isn't in the EU, though, which means customs... )
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