I dont know how many of you remember my thread about my car being stolen like a month ago

well they found it it was reported being broken into by the people that stole it so yeah lol they smashed the window in with a rock

i was lucky enough that they didnt get away with the stereo

and pics you pit monkeys

Oh, that was me. My bad.
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Oh, that was me. My bad.

He lives in Texas and you live in Trannslvania, I doubt that you would travel that far to break into a car
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Hey man, if that happened in England, they would of torched it... Count your lucky stars dude!
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No I was first stolen from me and they drove it to some apartments and left it there it was weird tho cuz the ignition wasnt broken at all and the window wasnt smashed

but the cops found it being broken into at the place where the people first stole it
At least they didn't break it too bad, and you have got it back.
Still sucks to have had it stolen tho.
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Hey man, if that happened in England, they would of torched it... Count your lucky stars dude!

you should've let them keep it...

kidding of course...glad to hear you got it back
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how much is it gonna cost to replace the window?
Me thinks you just forgot where you left it.
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