Okay this is a two part question:

1) With my soon to be purchase of an EHX Small Stone i'll have about 4 or 5 effects that need powering, although i know that the Voodoo labs power supply is the recommended best, it's alot more than i want to pay, mostly due to me not being in a semi-pro gigging situation

So i was looking at this which i saw in a magazine: Will it work?


And 2) I'm looking for something to get my Laney VC30 into more rockish territory without having to crank it right up [as it's LOUD] - i have a metal muff for, as you can guess, heavier distortion, but i want something thats a little cleaner and rockier
Due to it being a valve amp, would an OD be best suited for this? Or shall i get a DS-1

The od i was thinking of was a Maxon OD-9, but i've heard good tihngs about the Bad monkey aswell?