Wah-wah? fuzz? or just a distortion pedal what do you think is the essential effects pedal to own? :stickpoke
If you play jazz, pick up a reverb and you're done. If you play Hardcore, pick up a hiss-infested Boss MT-2. If you're Jack White, pick up several grand worth of Octavers, Harmonizers, Modulaters, Overdrives, and Fuzzes.

Point: tell us what you play, mate.
i have 1 pedal, and thats a distortion pedal, i've been playing for a year, and i havent been like : Man i wish i took a Wah Wah instead of Distortion <3
Go for a talkbox.
It's the ultimate effect.
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ha, id take the metal master pedal =]
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wah, chorus and delay
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For me, I guess it's overdrive because I can't turn my VJ up loud enough for it to break up.
I only need 4 effects...overdrive, reverb, delay, and wah. But my wah is still in the mail.
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id say delay

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I would say some sort of overdrive/distortion depending upon your needs.

After that either a wah or reverb.

Then probably a delay...

I picked up a nice phaser today, but it feels like I wasted money a bit only cause I won'[t use it as much...
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on my 84/40 tube i run just a ts9 and a wah and it sounds beautiful (jam in g in my profile), for my other amp (ss princeton 650 ) i just use which ever of the 16 bult in effects i want and then my wah, the ts9 doesnt work so well on it seeing as its a solid state
A wah is the only effect I really need- any fuzz, boost, or OD that I may end up getting will just be icing on the wonderfully toneful cake.
I would definitely say if i could only have one effects pedal it would be the wah. Its not that i use it a lot but its just so unique, but if i didn't have any distortion on my amp then I would need my OD a bit more.
i guess a wah, with a built in fulltone ocd/boost/tremolo/phase. it counts as one pedal right?

but only one i would have to sah wah, cause i have reverb on my amp, and i can crank it for overdrive
i'd go for either a versatile distortion, like the zvex fuzz factory, or i'd go for one of my favorite clean guitar effects, the phaser, either a small stone or a phase 90.
Go to a shop play as many as you can and decide which you want the most.The chances are you'll want them all equally bad and wont make a decision, but welcome to the wonderfull world of GAS. Just be sensible about it. We can't decide what your taste in pedals should be. Depends on your setup and what you want to accomplish, dont just buy effects for no reason, if you want more gain, overdrive, if you want a smoother sound, compressor, if you want some fun funky effects wah, phaser, chorus.
If you're talking about what's essential then for me, since I play rock, it would be a distortion. Otherwise wah, phaser, delay, volume modulation (volume petals and/or tremolos) and pitch shifting are all useful things. Compressors don't hurt either. Sustain is a wonderful thing after all.
I'd go with a high-end multieffects pedal
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Just an original Clyde McCoy if I could only own one.
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Ibanez Ts-9 if I have a tube amp, Boss Overdrive/Distortion station if I have a solid state.
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i'd get a wah...

but what do you play?


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for me I can't live without a fuzz pedal.

but for you it depends on what you play, what you have, and what you feel is missing.
I can't choose one. I love my big, ever-expanding board of effects and I use them all
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- Talkbox
- Chorus
- a hearty blues overdrive.
- a Crybaby

I also always keep an acoustic effect handy too, though I'd never say it was essential.