I have played both the singlecut and the custom and thought they were pretty good guitars.

I was just wondering if anyone has one and enjoys it or what everyone really thinks of them?
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I have the tremonti se and love it. It was a toss up between this and an epi lp but since getting the tremonti 3 years ago i haven't regretted it once. Just an all round great guitar.
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Don't own one....I have a USA Singlecut, and it is gorgeous guitar.

But I have played all the SE series guitars, and IMO, they are one of the best for the price....the only thing that I would say I prefer in the price range is the Ibanez SZ series. Very similar in build, but I feel the quality and feel is slightly better on the Ibbie.
With all due respect, you have 3 decent mid-range guitars. I wouldn't really consider buying another if I was in your position. However, they're not bad at all. I didn't like the custom, but the singlecut's quite cool.

Good luck anyway.
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you should invest in some pedals that wah looks mighty lonely lol. of course if you have no need for more pedals, you have nothing else you want/need to buy that's non-guitar related. then go for it. i think they are fantastic, unfortunately when i tried it the strings were rusted so that really sucked. but the guitar felt beautiful. i think if no one was around i may have made love to it
i've played an se custom and it felt/sounded quite good, especially for its price. i do agree with jimbob, though...you've got quite a few decent mid-range-ish guitars. if you're seriously looking at getting another guitar, i suggest you look for one that'd be a serious step up.
Who gives a **** how many midpriced guitars he has...
I he likes guitars, let him collect them.
I have a Santana SE and think it's one of the best guitars you can buy for under 400.00
It has a SD Screamin Demon in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck, stock tuners, stock tremolo and stays in tune perfectly and sets up with action as low as any higher end PRS.