Does anybody have any ideas on what could be done to this guitar I recently found in my sister's closet. Why it was in there of all places though I'm not sure. This is my first mod/customization ever so please keep suggestions simple enough for a beginner to do.







Thanks in advance.

PS: How do you post pics again?
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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none of your links work

mind just posting what kind of guitar it is and specs please

also try imageshack.us
for images
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First since they are already out you should get new pots for the knobs (replace the knobs themselves too so you can feel like they're your own) because you have no idea how old they are and are probably faulty. Definitely get more than one pickup if you want the old rock sound I'd go with Humbuckers. I use AGI Lace Sensor pickups so if you want kind of a metal feel use them. Might as well get a new neck depending on how high you want to go (i dont go higher than 24 myself). I'm not a pro but theres a few tips
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