I've never had a floyd rose locking system, i never use the trem but i really liked everything else about my Jackson guitar. Recently i bought some .011-.048 strings(had standard .09's before), and wanted to try switching all my strings to a higher guage. Should i go to my local semi-large chain music store and have them show me how to change strings and stuff? or should i just try to do it myself and hope for the best?
my gear:
Jackson DKMG(the one with EMG 81/85's)
b-52 AT 212 100 watt amp
old gear i'll probably sell eventually:
yamaha beginners guitar
gunmetal grey Fender squire strat
Fender 65R amp
go to the store the first time. I remember when i went and this guy named hector showed me everything =]] were still friends to this day from abuot a year and a half ago =]]

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