I've been playing for about a year now, and I practice a lot so i can play alright. I also have been taking lessons for a little over a month now, so im getting better at reading guitar music(i used to play piano, so i know a bunch of scales and chords) but i cannot seem to make anything original. I can make like easy rhythms with just like power chords and stuff but everything I play sounds the same. I've read a couple lessons about writing stuff on the u-g lessons but i cant seem to find anything that helps. I don't even know where to begin. Am I supposed to use certain scales or are there any resources someone can point me to that would help me out a little?
a good way to start would be to just grab some randoms chords. then put them into some kind of progression but with simple strumming. Once you do that try changing the strum patterns. once you have a simple progession u can make single notes in different octaves. then arrange all these pieces into an order that sounds good to u.
get some inspiriation from your fab bands what i do is like look at metallica's riffs see how they make them and then do the same dont copy just kinda copy lol but if u do that with lots of bands and mix into 1 u should get your own style
Take a scale and work around that, use the notes in it and play about and make a melody. Then you can use the corresponding chords to do a rhythm.