So, UG, I'm in the 10th grade of High School (american) and I'm in the IB, or International Baccalaureate, program. If you don't know what it is, it's where you have to do really hard projects and take hard classes that center around the 5 "Areas of Interaction". Google it if you want to know more.

Anyway, since it's the last year of the "Middle Years Program" I have to do a personal project. Basically what you do is make, organize, research, or do something really big that you're interested in. Now, since (obviously) I'm a musician, my first thought was to write a few songs, but since: a) I suck and b) at least 5 other people do something like that every year, I don't really want to. My second idea was to drink 3 energy drinks a day, film myself in the process, and make a mini- doccumentary about it (kinda like Super Size Me), but my parents said I couldn't do that.

So, UG... ideas?
by making sumthing do u mean like build somthing cause if so y not build urself a guitar (might be alittle pricey though)
i think the energy drink thing is a good idea.
with more than 3 tho caus honestly thats not like "excessive" enough to be interesting.

umm do the project on:
hwo to make guitars and/or amps
ur favorite band
favorite musician.
do a documentary on u and ur band if u have one
or a documentary on yourself.
Call me Trey.