What can i expect, ive only got 5 of their albums, Systematic Chaos, Octavarium, Scenes from a Memory, A Change of Seasons and Images and Words,

Anyone seen em recently wanna tell me what theyve been playing, i dont wanna get there and be like, ****, ive never heard this one before!

Oh, and i cant seem to find the DT thread, and i assume there classed as a metal band so i dunno where else to look.
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I'm seeing them in a couple of days, dunno what they're playing but regardless of wether they play it or not I'd strongly recommend Train of Thought, aswell as Six Degrees. Though if you're short on time or cash, get the Score dvd, that covers a lot of their material.
I missed them when they were in toronto a few weeks ago. but my friends told me the majority of what they played was from Systematic Chaos. They do put on a good show though, I saw them during the 20th anniversary tour.
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yeah to they guy a couple of posts up, im completlely strapped of cash, bought a new guitar earlier this year and now ive got about £15 to my name. I was thinking of getting 6 degrees tho.

Oh and htanks to the guy who called me a fool, you gave me a link!, that i couldnt find, that grants you forgiveness. Thanks.
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I won free tickets to see them and couldn't use them. I gave them to my cousin, but he ended up not being able to use them either.

I have the Score DVD, and they sound good live. They'll probably be playing a lot of stuff from Systematic Chaos, seeing as how that's the album they'll be supporting.
I have backstage tickets to see them in november =]
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You're covered, they played alot of their new CD, Panic Attack, 1 or 2 off of Images and words and some others that I didn't know. They played Lines In The Sand but I hadn't heard that song before prior to the show, other than taht I don't know what sngs they played but you have all the CDs I haven't heard before so yeah.
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Yeah you're just about covered, cept i'd get Train of Thought just cause of how good it is.

Keep in mind that Mike Portnoy likes to switch up every line up for every show they play at every place they play(that's alot of every's haha) so what they play isn't totally expected.

The majority of songs they play would probly be off Systematic Chaos