hI all,
New to the site so if this has been answered sorry to ask for repeat.
I am thinking of buying a Blueridge BR163, They are said to sound very close to the Martin D28 which i cant afford, Is this a true statement, Of course you gets what ya pays for, But i suppose it could be possible.
If you ever had the chance to experience both i would love to know what you thought. Action ,feel and sound.
My style is Bluegrass so i think it maybe OK.
A friend of mine (a professional player, check out Johan Borger at Myspace) has a Blueridge and is very satisfied. It is really well build and the finish is absolutely top. Personally I find the 1890's style comboy ketch inlay a bit overdone, but that's personal preference. For a bluegrass player it is probably exactly right.
Overall quality is as good as any Martin. Why it is so much cheaper beats me. I wouldn't hestitate too much. If you have the money, get one.
I got a Blueridge BR 43 and im very happy about it. The finish is nice considered the price of the guitar. A friend of mine got a BR 143, he is also very positive. The reason for the low price is because its made in China, but i cant find any poor craftmanship on my guitar, or the others in the guitar center. I would pick a low end blueridge guitar over any other in that price range. Good luck!
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