I used the search button, found no results.

I'm looking for a good acoustic guitar under $350, preferably acoustic electric with low action.

I've looked at an Ibanez:Ibanez AEL20

an Epiphone:
Epiphone PR5-E

and a Takamine:Takamine EG540c

However, these pretty much the only 3 I've considered.

Is there any other good acoustics out there that are acoustic-electric and have good action for under $350?

Thanks in advance.

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I had a great lil guitar. I don't remember the model but it was an Abilene. Had a rail thin neck that I (a small chick) could thumb notes on. Had a great sound and was a very reasonable price. I paid about $290 and that came with a case and a pack of strings. Don't know if they make an electro-acoustic though.
the Yamaha FG series is a decent guitar in that price range, although you would have to add a pick-up. the guitars you listed are solid choices. try them all. let your ears decide.